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Want to get published? 

Have an idea for an object lesson or even a gift for writing object lessons as shared on this site and want to share with the world? Mad About Jesus Laboratories is looking for creative object lessons that incorporate science to teach God's wod.  We will accept simple ideas for experiments and bible lessons or entire lesson plans (e.g. with suggested dialogues).  Please send drafts to

Please Note:

  • Ideas for experiments can be borrowed from other websites or books (you do not need to invent the science), but references need to be included. 
  • Object lesson text must be your own work (no plagerism). 
  • Please include photos or YouTube videos, if available.
  • Authorship will be noted, unless anonymity is preferred.
  • Each lesson must have a biblical message, preferably supported by bible references.
  • Experiments in each lesson must be demonstrated to work by submitter as described.
  • Materials used in lessons must be available to any person over the age of 18; no restricted chemicals.
  • All materials submitted to Mad About Jesus Laboratories should be given freely, as the goal is evalgelism of God's word. 
  • This site makes no profit (advertisements on this site are not allowed). This site is maintained as part of the tithe of its creator.