Mini-Lesson: No Fear

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Jill Quick

Mini-Lesson 1:

Have no fear when Jesus is in your life.  


  1. 1 vase (e.g. hurricane vase)
  2. Water (enough to fill the vase 3/4 of the way up)
  3. Red food coloring (use red for the blood of Jesus)
  4. Two pieces of dry ice (obtain at your local supermarket)
  5. Tongs or gloves for handling the dry ice (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PICK IT UP WITH YOUR HANDS!!!)
  6. Cooler for the dry ice to stay in until ready
  7. Black Marker to write the word FEAR on a chunk of dry ice
  8. Lab coat (optional)


Mark one piece of dry ice with the FEAR in black marker.  Leave the other blank.  Put both in a cooler.  Fill up the vase with water. 


When it is time for to do the lesson, put on your lab coat, then pull out a vase that is already filled about 3/4 of the way with water  (hurricane vase works great but any glass container that will hold water and is big enough to fit the chunk of dry ice in it will work).  Tell the kids that the vase is like someone that had not asked Jesus into their heart to be their Savior.  Now take out some red food coloring.  Explain that it is red because it reminds us of Jesus' blood that He shed for our sins.  Add the food coloring to the water and stir it up.  Tell the kids that now it is like someone that HAD asked Jesus into their heart. Explain that once the food coloring is in there it cannot be taken out, just like when you ask Jesus to be your Savior He will never leave you.  He is always there.  Then take out a cooler and open it.  Take out a chunk of dry ice that was clean (not the FEAR piece).  Explain to them what dry ice is and that you couldn't touch it because it was so cold it would burn you.  Then tell them about the piece that has the word fear on it... take it out and show them.  State that when you have Jesus in your heart, He is with you always and you have nothing to be afraid of.  God can take care of your fears.  Tell them to watch what happens when you put this "FEAR" in the person that has Jesus in their heart.  It begans to bubble and smoke. Then state that God takes our fear and gets rid of it if we ask Him.  Let it stay on the table while a volunteer comes up to do a Bible verse with the kids.  When the bible verse is finished, the dry ice will likely be completely dissolved.  Now tell them that "See the fear is not there anymore!" All in all, it is a very easy lesson and the kids loved it.