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Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos of experiments being performed by the mad scientist and fellow mad scientists around the globe.

Please email us photos of you performing these lessons / experiments or the kids learning about God though science.  We would be happy to post your photos on this site. 

Email photos to:

To God be the glory!


The 'Mad Scientist'

Water protects a balloon from popping . . . .

The blood of Jesus washes away the blackness of sin . . .

Lab coat patch - custom made by Genetta Coy

A Future 'Mad Scientist'

Water to Wine / Blood Washes Away Sin

Elephant Toothpaste (colored with food coloring)

Initial Set-Up for 'Nothing Gold Can Stay'

Walking on Water

Water to Wine: Before

The kids

Water to Wine: After

Mad Scientist Teaching Lesson

Goldie: Before (No Sin in Her Life)

Gift from God Lesson

Goldie: After (With the Blackness of Sin)

Nothing Gold Can Stay Lesson

Blood of Jesus Washes Away Sin of the World!!!

Another Mad Scientist In Oklahoma: Impressive Goliath. But Now It's David's Turn

Another Mad Scientist In Oklahoma: David Wins!!!