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Scientific Object Lessons to Teach Biblical Truths: Lessons 13-15

Object Lessons 13 to 15

God gives each of us talents.  Being a true Christian means using these God-given gifts to do the work God is calling us to do.  For what we are is God's gift to us.  What we aspire to become is our gift back to God.  In this experiment, ordinary water (H2O) does not have the ability to expand even when stimulated by a catalyst.  However, with the simple addition of one molecule of oxygen H2O becomes H2O2.  Now with this gift from God, the addition of a catalyst will enable the ‘water’ to expand dozens of times its original size.

Just as a sailboat without a sail is only driftwood, so we are completely dependent upon God for both momentum and direction.  Our faith and trust in God are the sails that guide us.  God does not want us to chart a course and go alone.  God wants us to depend on Him minute by minute.  In this experiment, we will simulate the Spirit by using a huge Air-zooka that will shoot smoke rings (wind) great distances.  The kids, in turn, will raise their sails (Styrofoam cups) to catch this great wind to both see and feel the Spirit of the Lord that is always around them but often overlooked.

Do not be concerned with labels or titles given to you on this Earth.  Do not be attached to the possessions of this Earth.  Our greatest concern should be our sin, the dirt that keeps us from salvation.  Jesus died to remove this sin, which if accepted, will light us up and allow us to rise up with Christ and be seated us with him in the kingdom of heaven.  In this experiment, we will use a simple tea bag to represent our lives here on Earth and our ability to gain the light of God and ‘rise above’ our sin (burning tea bag flies into the air like a rocket).

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