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Videos Demonstrating the Experiments: Lessons 7-12

Note: You will leave this website and go to YouTube by clicking on these links.

Object Lesson 7: "Transform and Evangelize"

Watch as liquid water instantly turns to ice, just as we become transformed when we accept Christ.

Object Lesson 8: "Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass"

No matter how many 'good deeds' you try to pack into your lives, you are never full.  Salvation is not possible by good works alone.

Object Lesson 9: "The Shepherd Knows His Flock"

Watch how simple puzzles can fool the eye, just as we are often fooled by the outward appearance of others.  No man can judge others because only God knows their hearts.

A video of bounce / no bounce balls is available at:

A video of the hardboiled egg trick is available at:


Object Lesson 10: "All Things are Possible with God"


Watch as the strength of God has the power to crush a soda can, but at the same time is gentle enough to give strength to those who need it. 

A short video of a ping-pong ball being suspended by a hair dryer is available at



Object Lesson 11: "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

Watch as Jesus has the power to turn water into wine (clear solution becomes red instantly). 

The object lesson takes this further by first having 'Goldie' lose her luster when she commits a sin (yellow solution becomes black instantly), but then when the blood of Christ (red solution) comes into contact with the sin of the world (black solution), the final solution is perfectly clear, for the blood of Jesus cleansed the world of sin.

Object Lesson 12: "Leap of Faith"

Watch as anyone with faith in God can use his strength and walk on water. 

Additional Videos